About Shandon Phan

A Challenging Beginning

Shandon was born after South Vietnam fell to the Communists. He was raised by his aunts as his grandfather and father were imprisoned and sent to re-education camps and his mother was sent away to teach in Communist schools. Even at such a young age, life was mostly about survival and obedience to the Communist Party’s authority and constantly being reminded of his father’s conviction for fighting on the side of America. 

After many unsuccessful escape attempts, his family was able to come to the United States under a program called Orderly Departure Program in 1996.

In the years that followed, America transformed Shandon.  A teenager nervous and uncertain, torn away from the homeland of his ancestors, Shandon was embraced and enveloped with love by the people of a nation that would adopt him as a son of her own. 

The young kid who worked next to him in a restaurant kitchen and taught him basic English greetings. The Vietnam War veteran neighbor who talked about his wartime service years while demonstrating proper yard maintenance. The business owner who offered him his first after-school job and encouraged him to pursue college. The high school teacher who tutored him after school and pushed him to dream bigger.  Shandon had in them true American role models that inspired and encouraged him.

His parents had not learned much English and worked grueling hours in difficult jobs to provide for Shandon and his sibling. Out of love for their new country and personal pride, they never took any welfare benefits. 

Today, he lives in Sugar Land with his wife Angel and their five children.  Originally from a Buddhist tradition, he gave himself to Christ in after college and attends a local Baptist Church. He owns and manages the Shandon Phan Law Firm, PLLC, where he counsels individuals, families and businesses in business law, estate planning, and asset protection.  He has counseled and represented thousands of clients in almost every imaginable type of case.

First Hand Experience in Policy and National Service

Shandon graduated from Tulane University with a B.S.E. degree and earned honors in Computer Engineering.  He spent a year after college in AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteer in Service to America), providing social assistance, citizenship education and life skill training to newly arrived immigrants, refugees, Amerasians, and victims of human trafficking resettled here in Texas. 

He later earned his J.D. from the University of Baltimore School of Law. During law school, he worked at the United States Attorney’s Office of District of Columbia, the United States Immigration Court, the United States Coast Guard’s Office of the Judge Advocate General and the International Republican Institute. During his time at the Institute on Religion and Public Policy, he was an advocate for religious freedom and civil society development initiatives in Asia. While in China, he stood in Tiananmen Square to debate Chinese law students about liberty, democracy, and the rule of law.

Working for His Community, His State, and the Republican Party

Shandon has dedicated himself to serving his community and those in need, most recently as President of the Vietnamese Community of Houston and the Vicinity from 2014-2015. As a Class 2015 graduate of FBI Houston Citizens’ Academy, he strongly supports law enforcement and served on Houston Police Department Community Advisory Committee.  Prior to opening his own law firm, he worked as a non-profit executive for different non-profits. He was Director of Civic Engagement for BPSOS where he led the organizing of communities at national level and assisted distressed Gulf Coast communities in the aftermath of the BP Oil Spill in 2010. 

Within the Republican party, Shandon has served in many leadership positions at national, state and local levels, including serving as delegate for Republican Nominee John McCain to the Republican National Convention in Saint Paul, Minnesota in 2008, as precinct chairman on Harris County Republican Party Executive Committee, and as founding board member for Texas Asian Republican Assembly.  He has conducted coalition building for many Republican presidential campaigns and supported conservative candidates and elected officials across the country. 

He currently hosts a weekly radio talk show called “Liberty and the Law” on 900AM and contributes as legal and current event commentator to various media, including Voice of America (VOA), BBC, and Radio Free Asia (RFA).

Why Run for Office? 

Becoming an American is the most transformational and proudest experience of Shandon’s life.  He is thankful for opportunities that this country has given him and his family.

He believes today America is at a crossroads, and the American Dream is at risk.  He believes that the fight against socialism and Communism is the calling of his generation.  From the economic and military ascendance of Communist China to the surge of support for socialism among the general public, particularly the younger generations of Americans, he is eager to answer the call for a new generation of leaders who can offer a dynamic and compelling energy that brings Americans together to defend our freedom, our Constitution, and our traditional American values.